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JEANNE JENNAY, 760.737.0785

Jeanne Jennay is a researcher, motivational speaker, radio talk show host/producer, director,
entrepreneur and author currently in San Diego, CA. Her first radio show in San Diego was
called, Health Is Your Wealth that aired for five years on KCEO AM Radio, starting in1997
and then she started her new show called, Miracles also on KCEO AM Radio. Many of the
Miracles programs can be heard on

Jeanne has interviewed countless nationally known authors and alternative spiritual healers
including true stories of authors who experienced death and found themselves either in heaven
or hell, authors who were told by medical physicians they were going to die and took upon
themselves to research and find alternative solutions that worked and scientists who have
proof that our environment is effecting our health. Jeanne's first published book, Wake-Up
is now being followed by several other books, Dare To Be Young, her own
personal story In One Moment My Whole World Changed, and her new children's book to be

Jeanne Jennay is available for speaking on the following topics.
Prayer & Meditation, Forgiveness, The Value of Essential Oils, Tapping for Migraine
Headaches, Healing Within From God's Light, Relationship with Jesus Christ, Stories of
Biblical teachings and Jeanne's personal stories of her almost fatal accidents.

Recording Artist
Music CDs, Stand in the Light and The Messenger available at

Formal Education
Chicago College of Radio & Television Broadcasting – performance, writing scripts and
Chicago Conservatory of Music attended at age 13 - piano and vocal performance.

Television & Radio
Guest appearances on San Diego’s Sun Up Morning Show.
Guest appearances on local TV shows in Texas.
Her own 1 Hr. weekly radio show, Urbana, Illinois in 1952.
Her own 1 Hr. weekly Network Show, Chicago, Illinois in 1954.

Voice Overs and commercials for radio and TV, San Diego, CA.

Wrote & directed underwater daily Mermaid Musical Show, Master Host Inn, San Diego, CA.
Acting in plays in Patio Players at Old Town Players Theatre – San Diego, CA.
Agent, producer and MC for daily I Hr. luncheon show at Holiday Inn, San Diego CA.
Amarillo Little Theatre –Supporting & Lead roles cast in over 10 plays.
Wrote & directed monthly LIVE 1 Hr. musical shows for Amarillo Air Force Base.

Talent Agent & Manager
Jeanne Jennay Talent Agency in Amarillo, Texas for 8 yrs.
Jeanne Jennay Talent & Associates in San Diego, CA for over 30 yrs.
Manager of the Dan Blocker Singers who appeared weekly on the The Milton Berle Variety
broadcast nationally on ABC.

Casting Director for character actors for director/producer Martin Ritt’s movie, Hud.

Producing & Directing
Tom Jepperson Productions - Creating original tailor made shows for corporations &
conventions for 10 years throughout Southern California.

Musical Experience
Singing in Jazz clubs throughout Chicago, Illinois.
Nightclub tour throughout Illinois.
Carlton Scales Orchestra – Lead singer
Jeanne Jennay Jazz Combo – Leader, Lead singer, playing vibes.

Spiritual Education
Certified Reki Level 1.
Six spiritual teachers/mentors in private sessions San Diego, CA.
Universal Principles (weekly 3 Hr. classes for 4 years), San Diego, CA.
Attended several self help seminars, San Diego
Bible Studies from Nationally known ministers & pastors, San Diego, CA.

Other Experience
Motivational Speaker for many organizations & conventions, San Diego, CA.
Won 3rd place at National Speaker’s Bureau, San Diego, CA.
Food & Nutrition research.
Worked in medical records at a large Chicago Hospital.




In 1998 after having my ninth near-fatal accident, and years of working to solve the problem of my failing eyes, I found myself renting a room in a condo in Southern California. In  my room, I had a large window that would flood my room with light every afternoon. But one day, something very different happened. The room became so bright I could hardly stand it. So I closed all of my blinds in an effort to shut out the burning light, but it was as though the blinds remained open. I found a pair of sunglasses, and in hope I put them on but they also did nothing to stop the light. My eyes felt as though they were burning so I retreated into my bathroom where it was totally dark. It took about 15 minutes for the light to fade into total darkness. I went back into my bedroom and I could not see anything. I was totally blind. I thought to myself “now I don’t have to fear going blind. I already am”.

I had no one to call. I felt so alone. With my family out of state and living in a new area I had no friends to call on. It was at that moment I decided to call on Jesus. I spoke to him for around 2 and a half hours and I poured my heart out to him and promised to believe and trust in him. A month later I was lying in my bed resting and all of a sudden I heard Jesus call my name. I knew it was him because at the start of my name, the voice was coming from so far away high above me. By the last syllable of my name, his voice was speaking in my ear.

From that day forward my relationship with Jesus has become stronger with each day and I have continued to have so many miracles happen to me. Jesus found an extraordinary way to take me out of the place I was spiritually, but also to take me from that extremely unhealthy environment in that condo to a new home. I just let go and allowed him to take care of me.

My whole story can be found in my book “WAKE UP EMPOWERED”. And to those who feel like a victim or have many physical, mental and personal challenges, I urge you to pray and call on Jesus and to allow him to meet all of your needs.

I send you all of my love.

-Jeanne Jennay



Jeanne Jennay’s Personal Story

Dear Beloved Ones,


It was 12 Midnight. I was standing in my living room looking out my large window overlooking a beautiful golf course. I said this prayer with great feeling, my arms out stretched, my eyes were closed and I prayed from my heart. “Dear God, make me an angel. I want to feel more compassion for others so that I can help them in a big way. Let me have more clarity than I’ve ever had before.”


A month later, in the evening of Dec. 9th 1998, I was in an automobile accident. Again for the third time, I escaped without breaking any bones. I was released from the hospital and went home feeling lucky. Five weeks later, I went to sleep for three days and three nights. When I awoke I knew my life had been changed forever.


I walked into my dining room and turned on the chandelier and every little light had a band of colors of red-orange, yellow and blue-green. Deep colors winding around each light. At first I thought, “How cool.” Then I begin to see things that I’d never seen before.  The next day I went for a walk and I felt like a stranger walking in a world that I did not know. Every person that passed me by looked like a ghost. When I spoke, my voice seemed to come from above me and I saw rainbows around everything that was shining in the sun.


When I returned home, fog started coming into the room and I became frightened. The fog stayed for a very long time. I decided to call my alternative practitioner and she told me to eat as much ice cream as possible to ground myself. The fog kept coming two or three times a day and as soon as I would eat the ice cream, the fog would leave.


When I closed my eyes, I saw myself in a large pit with people looking over at me. This was on a constant basis. I tried not to be so frightened since I had seen other unusual things before in the past. I had experiences with having automatic writing for several months prior to relocating to San Diego, Ca in 1969. Soon I stopped the writing because I noticed large dark beings that would hang around me including bizarre things happening.  I was capable of healing myself and several other people in my family by placing my hands on and saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, heal.” I would see a light before me and I would have a roaring sound in my ears, knowing that whomever I was working on was healed.


It had become obvious to me throughout the years that God had given me a great gift to heal. I also became aware that the prayer that I said a month before the accident, helped to manifest it. Because of all of these strange things happening to me, I now wanted this gift to be taken away so I said another prayer. I closed my eyes with my arms outstretched and with a very deep feeling of love, I said,  “Dear God, I am frightened of this gift of power I have. I don’t trust myself anymore. Take away this power and let me be normal again like everyone else.” It didn’t take long for my prayer to be answered.


I then noticed that I was losing sight in one of my eyes and when I finally got to a doctor’s office, I was told that the pressure in both of my eyes was 55 and that normal pressures are 10 to 20. I knew I was in trouble.


At the time I had my own radio show as a talk show host and producer. My radio show consisted of ways to heal alternatively. I knew there had to be a way to heal myself without going through traditional medical treatments but I was too frightened. The doctor that I was seeing at the time and my family suggested that I visit a surgeon.


The days to follow were hard ones. I had to go the direction that was against every fiber in my body and I went through the hoops and suggestions until finally one day I looked at the doctor and said, “I am going home to heal with God.” When I said those words, I heard it like an echo that vibrated through my whole being and the universe, confident that now I was on the right path. I started working on myself in a bigger way and became more positive and asked for more messages.


At the same time, there were many entities in my home and they were bound to stop me. In the middle of the night, when I was half asleep, I would hear tons of them rushing down the hall and to my body as I could hear them and feel them trying to take me over. I fought them off even though I was having a hard time moving my body. I could hardly say the words, “In the name of Jesus Christ, leave.” They would leave, only to   return the next night.


I contacted a clairvoyant who suggested that I no longer wear black. She also guided me to hang large crosses, made out of silver foil on each of my four walls, from one side to the other inside my house. I kept them up on my walls for two months. I played classical and inspirational music throughout the night. One particular night, my spiritual teacher came over and we walked into the room at 12 midnight where I knew the entities were hiding we held hands as I said with the power of God behind me with my voice strongly roaring through the room, “In the name of Jesus Christ, you will be gone never to return. I am now wearing the armor of Jesus Christ and you cannot touch me again. Be gone forever.” I walked out of the room and I knew it was done and they would be gone forever. From that day forth, I started receiving messages from Jesus Christ and the voice kept saying, “Empower yourself. This is the message that I want you to give to the people.” I kept asking “Why me?’ The answer was, “Why not you?” The years to follow were incredible and I’ve learned so much that I want to share it with others.


Here’s a story I’d like to share with you right now. I had an electrician by the name of Larry Gust come out and check the electricity in my home. While he was there he was swinging a large apparatus around my living room. He explained that he was placing spiritual light in my home that would protect me. I thought nothing of it until a couple of nights later when my spiritual teacher walked into my dimly lit living room and said he was seeing this magnificent light that was coming down from the ceiling that was about five feet wide. He walked around this light that I could not see and was amazed.


The next day I called Larry and asked him where he had learned how to do this and he told me that he learned this from a scientist in India. He told me that the scientist was going to be in Florida soon and suggested that I call him. I immediately called the scientist and we ended up speaking for several hours many times. He told me to stand in the light at least five minutes a day and the light would help to heal me. He also warned me that it was possible that some beings could come through the portals of the light into my home. He said not to worry because they would be positive beings.


And then it happened. A month later, as I was having my dinner in a dark dining room lit by candlelight, I saw this magnificent light. It was as if the roof of my house had taken off and I was sitting in the sunlight. The light was shining in both the dining room and the adjacent living room. I could hardly believe my own eyes. It was beckoning me to write a song. It kept saying, “Stand in the light.” I wondered what this light was and finally I was told that this was the light that one sees when they pass on and it is the “light beings.” It kept telling me to write the song, Stand In the Light. I didn’t know how to begin. Since then, this light has been visiting me every other night and stays with me for several hours at a time.


One day, driving in a car with a friend, he put on a CD and I heard the beat. Something inside of me said, “That’s the rhythm I’m looking for, for my song.” Then I started feeling the music and the spoken message came that I knew had to be in the song. I had everything but the music. The night before I was to go into the recording studio, I took my small keyboard out, placed my hands on it and prayed, “Dear God, please write this song for me.” In one minute my hands started to move and I had the melody. I was in the studio recording this song when 9/11 happened and then I knew why the song had to be recorded. It was a message for all of us - men, women and children to give us all hope and to know that all is well. This song is now on my new CD called, “The Messenger,” and is now available by ordering it from my web site.


I started moving from place to place and finding myself in situations where I had to stand my ground in a new loving way. In the way that Christ would stand his ground and learn how to forgive. I was living in this two story mansion and one day I received the message telling me that I had to leave and that there was death on the way. I had learned to listen to these messages and I gave notice that day. Three days later, there was fire all around and there was a knock at my door. I had 5 minutes to leave. I turned to the painting on my wall of Jesus Christ and said, “Dear Jesus, please watch over this estate and I will return to get you.” The fire consumed the whole area of Valley Center, California where I was living and burned everything around including the big house next door. It was burned down to the ground. Not a leaf was touched on the property I was living on. The two horses that stayed behind were in perfect health. No one could believe that the estate was ever touched by the fire.


During this time, I stayed with very good friends for a few weeks then temporarily moved from place to place until I found a place to live in. The stress was too great on me and the pressures in my eyes started to go up. Each day was a struggle to see and finally it happened. The thing I had feared the most. My sight was totally taken away. It was almost like a relief. All this time I was trying so hard to keep the sight I had and now I was living my greatest fear.


I had been in regular communications on the phone with a Shaman, Brooks Greene Barton who showed me how to open my third eye and how to heal my painful emotions. It was different. He showed me that love was the only thing that would heal and nothing else. He showed me how to do it. On my own, I would go through sessions of 16 hours or more at a time and missing meals but I knew that I had to go through this. It was painful and it was worth it.


While going through these sessions, I would feel the emotion, heal it and then feel physical pain in parts of my body. As I sent love to the painful areas, I noticed that my toes would start moving on their own. Energy was popping out of my toes. It would feel like a hand was grabbing my ankle allowing these little pellets of energy to come out of my toes. I found out that these were emotion toxins. A cleansing was going on in my emotions and body.


At the same time, I was having dreams that seemed real. In my dreams I could see. In several of the dreams, all of a sudden I would recognize that I could see. At the same time, I would wake up in the middle of the night and actually see with my eyes different visions that had manifested in my bedroom. Some of the visions took over the whole room and I would lie in my bed seeing them clearly. These visions would last 15 seconds and then disappear piece-by-piece right in front of my eyes. The room would then turn dark. All of these visions were messages. I realized that my sight had been taken away for a purpose and reason.


By empowering myself through God, I would be able to give the message to others that they too can empower themselves. Therefore I decided to take care of myself independently. So I have learned to hold on to walls to get from place to place where I now reside.  I have learned to use my fingers as my eyesight. I have learned to feel more compassion for others and myself and I’ve learned to love unconditionally.


My doctor is amazed when I tell him that I am seeing three different walls of colors in front of me. One is total darkness, the second is light green and the third one is total white like walking into clouds. I’ve learned that darkness is in each and every one of us and when I see the darkness I know that it means that I need to confront and heal some negative emotions.  This process may take a day or two and then I begin to see light green, which is a healing light that comes from the heart. When I see white I am being total love. These walls of colors fluctuate from day to day.


The purpose of my CD called, “The Messenger,” is to open up the heart of those who hear it. I was told to record this CD and get it to as many people as possible.


In January 2011 I received a message from Jesus to reach out to as many people as possible on the radio. I have been so concentrated on getting more sleep and exercising to maintain more energy in my body that I hesitated to start anything new. It seemed that everyday Jesus kept on encouraging me to start working on this major project. Finally at the end of January, I just decided to take a leap of faith. I was so amazed because the first person I called to ask if he would be sponsor, he quickly answered “YES!”. That was David Ford with the Rainbow Forever Trust company representing the Young Living Essential Oils. The next call I made on the same day was to KCEO Radio in San Diego. My last show “Stand in the Light” was airing on that station approximately 7 years ago. I was amazed. The manager of the station Perry did not hesitate and both She and the Program Director Rick Roome were delighted to have me back. What a miracle! Interestingly enough I was guided by Jesus to call the show “Miracles”.


The show is on every Saturday at 12 noon pacific time on KCEO Radio AM 1000 and On this show I introduce and interview nationally recognized authors, speakers, scientists and alternative medical practitioners. Towards the end of the show I have everybody pray with me for God’s unconditional love and light in the world.


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