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I highly recommend using the best, natural, therapeutic grade essential oils by Young Living on a daily basis. The following are some of the oils I use day and night. With all of these oils, I apply a couple of drops onto the bottom of my feet and breathe them in with at least 7 deep breaths."   JJ


  1. Thieves and Imupower – Protects from catching the flu and other contagious diseases and Imupower helps to strengthen your Immune System.

  2. Valor – This should be applied to the back and the sides of the neck and on the spine. This will work like a mini-chiropractic adjustment. You can also use if before going to the chiropractor to enhance the adjustment.

  3. Lavender – This is a great oil for the skin. I use this on my face every day and also for cuts and burns, including sunburn. This oil has many other uses.

  4. Peppermint – For sinus conditions and colds. Also good for stomach pains, indigestion and nausea. It can also be used for high fever relief and many other reasons.

  5. Wintergreen – This is good for bone injuries amongst other things.

  6. Aroma Life – Used for keeping the heart in good functioning condition.

  7. Sage – to get rid of low energies.

  8. Purification – to get rid of bed bugs in your home and also to put on as a repellent.

  9. Di Gize – to regulate digestive quest.

  10. Frankincense – Many purposes including helping vision and soothing skin irritations.

  11. Tangerine – help with dizziness.

  12. Cypress – help circulatory system.

  13. Abundance – Like a perfume. Also brings money into your life.

  14. White Angelica – Clears out bad energies.

  15. Progessance Plus – to bring hormonal balance.

  16. Oregano – Protects from contagious diseases.

  17. Endo-Flex – balance kidneys and to support the adrenal glands.

  18. Raindrop Technique – Technique for any back pain and emotional stress. This kit contains 9 oils and an instructional video.

Other Products from Young Living


NingXia Drink – 1 ounce three times a day to balance the body


Meadow Mist roll on deodorant


Satin Facials Scrub – Mint


Lavender shower gel



To find out more information on all of the Essential Oils, Books and other products available through Young Living, check out the website at

If you are interested in ordering any of the Young Living products, please contact JEANNE JENNAY at (760) 494-4399.

I also recommend the book by Dr. David Stewart – “Healing Oils of the Bible”.

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